This site contains no nudity. The models are in lingerie and swimsuits.

Why did we create this website?

In half a decade or so in 2014+ when the majority of Americans have replaced their cell phones with smartphones, you will see QR codes in lots of places. Why? To put it simply, most smartphones are equipped with a QR Code scan app, and by scanning QR codes, we can do something very cool; link physical world objects to the digital world.

Since we see QR Codes as a big part of America's future, we created this Website to accelerate awareness of these fascinating matrix codes. In fact QR Codes are already a part of culture and lifestyle in other countries like Japan (see video below).

Even in the U.S., QR codes are getting some notable usage and promotion. The Weather Channel recently started displaying a QR Code during their broadcasts so smartphone users can install the Weather Channel app right from the TV. Clever, but there are many more creative uses of QR codes to be implemented. Think checking in online when vising a location, getting additional info about a product through your smartphone when browsing a retail store, or even augmenting a physical event with an interactive app the audience can scan, install and use upon arrival. Endless opportunities we tell you ;) If you have a neat QR code app, contact us. If we like it, we'll add a link and share some web traffic!